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Welcome to “A BIT of IT”.

Our Mantra
Life outside IT

I am an IT consultant, based in Melbourne Australia, to a number of small businesses from single person micro businesses upwards.  I can help with all your technology miseries such as networking, security, wireless, hardware, software, disaster recovery, web technologies and more. Pretty much anything a small business might need. I also can assist with your home networks, wireless, home theatre and other computer related problems.

This is my little corner of the IT universe.

I am building this site to be a useful set of my own IT musing’s, instructions, how to’s, links, tips, tricks etc. It is aimed directly at the IT needs of the myriad small businesses out there who rely on people like me to keep their systems running. My goal is to give you the tools you need to help you do some of the work yourselves. Many businesses use IT staff simply because of a lack of understanding or fear of the unknown. While I will happily take your money for this work if you dont want to learn about it yourself, the work ends up being very unrewarding and frustrating. I have found that the best long term business relationships I have built (and are still building) are the ones where the business no longer needs me for the day to day operational IT needs. In these businesses I am now the trusted IT advisor to the busines, providing guidance, recommendations and project management as required.

If I came to you today, why would you hire me over any of the hundreds of other IT professionals in Melbourne? This is my full time business and only source of income. If I fail I lose my house. I dont plan to fail which is where this site comes in. I will make information freely available to anyone who wants it. If you find it useful, even better. I am making available a considerable amount of knowledge which comes from many years in the industry to give you the faith that I can and will deliver in your best interests. Trust is a hard thing to earn and I dont expect this to take off overnight. Now I am out on my own, I want to spend as little time as possible earning your trust. I hope this site and the information in it gives you the confidence in me to allow us to develop a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Finally, there is nothing here that could not be found with a Google search. In my experience, this makes no difference, people still need help putting the information into context, especially those people to whom an affinity with technology does not come naturally. This site does, however, contain the bits that I think are relevant. I also do not for a minute believe that this is the only way to do things. Different businesses also have different needs and these need to be judged on a case by case basis. There are also  always many technical solutions to any problem. I am happy to hear from other people who have alternative solutions to the common IT problems facing SME’s. Please give me feedback and comments where appropriate and I will happily engage in constructive discussions regarding these issues.


Ben Chapman

IT Person
Servicing Melbourne small business.