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Manageyour players online

  • Add your playing group to the website, then simply 'drag and drop' the players into their selected grade and position within your team list.
  • Visually see where you have not selected a player in your squad and move another player from the within the playing group to cover. Each player appears on the platform once, this prevents a player being selected in multiple teams by different coaches.
  • Securely store and maintain your players contact details, then easily access them from anywhere with an internet connection.
Manage your players online

Contactplayers from the website

  • We verify players contact details and confirm that the email address and mobile number are valid. This allows you to guarantee the contact details you have are valid.
  • Send an SMS or an email to individual players, all players in a team or to all players your club has listed on theTeamlist. All details entered are stored on a secure server and we will never contact your players or share their contact details with anyone.
Contact Players

Shareyour team lists online

  • We provide code to easily embed a copy of your team list into your club's website or you can use the unique link provided on our website, allowing everyone to view the team list in their own time.
  • Select the days when the team list is available for public viewing.
  • All changes made on theTeamlist will be published instantly on your website. This allows you to direct players to your clubs website for up to date team lists, without the cost associated with maintaining the website.
Share your team lists

Trythe 'Drag and Drop' selection manager

In the demo below, the websites functionality has been limited, as such no player movements are saved to the website or updated across browsers in real time. On the example below you can instantly see which players are out and who can move up or across to fill their spot. Try and fill the team lists in the example below using the available players. Note that you can add 2 players to the same spot if it's unknown if a player is available.

Pos.1st GradeReserve Grade3rd GradeColts
Anthony Mathis
Paul Slater
Gavin Langdon
Julian Bower
Steven Watson
Robert Abraham
Tim Ball
Justin Cameron
Charles Coleman
Austin Davidson
Jonathan Campbell
Michael Slater
Owen North
Sean Alsop
Kevin Ferguson
Jack Hill
Lucas Bower
Ryan Parr
Isaac Short
David Clark
Victor Quinn
Brian Paterson
David Paterson
Austin Sharp
Anthony Hunter
Dominic Fisher
Stewart Kelly
Connor Sanderson
Dominic Lyman
James White
Jonathan Lawrence
Stephen Dyer
Oliver Davies
Michael Kelly
Eric Lawrence
Andrew Nolan
Jack Manning
James Bell
Stewart Morrison
Carl Mackay
Piers MacLeod
Jake Skinner
Stewart Arnold
Steven Anderson
Jack Lawrence
Sean Bell
Adam Turner
Dan Nolan
Christian Poole
Alan Payne
Michael Parsons
Alan Bond
Sebastian Lawrence
Liam Bower
Owen Hughes
Warren Marshall
Jacob Simpson
Steven Buckland
Available Players
Alexander Lambert
Anthony Graham
Brian Rampling
Cameron Hart
Eric Smith
Harry Simpson
Owen Cameron
Phil McLean
Injured / Unavailable
Alan Hudson
Max Allan
Oliver Walsh
Peter Edmunds
Phil North
Players out for the season
Joseph Allan
Leonard Smith
Victor McDonald

We have been using theteamlist.com for a few years now and I recommend it to every club. It's easy to use and we would be willing to pay more than we are charged per year, based on the time it saves selecting and managing our teams.

Michael Flude - Mosman Rugby Club

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